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(and we only make flags we believe in)

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Flags Are Powerful

We believe that flags are powerful tools of change. So, we only print flags we believe in and then we donate 10% of each sale to relevant charities who move the world forward.

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When this conflict started, we were flooded with emails to make Ukraine flags. It's such an honor that y'all look to our small business when you see injustice in the world. Thank you.

Every flag sold donates to the World Central Kitchen who is currently on the front lines providing hot meals to refugees and soldiers in Ukraine.

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Featured Blog Posts

Discrete, Compostable Packagaing

Everyone deserves fly their flag openly, but we at Flags for Good understand some of you live in places where that can be…tricky.Β 

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Extreme Durability

We tested our flags on the windiest place on earth, an entire summer in Antarctica.

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TED Talks

Watch Michael's two TEDx talks about flags, identity, nationalism, and more.


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I put way too much time into these, might as well show them off here.

Free Returns & Exchanges

Don't love it? We'll make you a return label. Returns within 30 days receive a full refund.

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We try to ship your order within a few days (smaller orders are quicker). We just moved out of my spare room into a real office and are working as fast as we can!


We want to be part of the solution, not part of the problem. So we do what we can do to minimize our impact.

All deliveries are carbon neutral
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