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Love how this is raising awareness!

We recently bought a home in Indiana, and knew we wanted to have a set of flags from this company. This was our first choice, and all of our friends that stop at our house ask what the flag means. It's been such a great opportunity to share how we can help refugees, especially those from Afghanistan that have recently been relocated to IN. I can't wait to raise awareness with future flags, too!

Miranda D.
So inspiring!

We have an ugly view from our porch that wasn't completely rectified with the installation of matchstick shades.
Flags, I thought, will solve the problem--and they did.
The True South, Antarctica Flag and the Refugee Nation Flag let me display my liberal leanings without using words.
Thank you and keep up the good fight

Rodrigo Moran

Refugee Nation Flag

Jason Maynard

I love this flag! I love the design, what it stands for, how it is constructed, and the great responses I get when I fly it. Plus, it makes me feel good to purchase from a good company.

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Flags can be...controversial, so we want you to be able to choose when to show off your flag and identity.

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