2020 Election Bingo Card

  • by Michael Green

Download or print out our 2020 Election Night Bingo Card below and you're basically guaranteed to win something (hopefully the White House too). 

The dumpster fire that is 2020 has all led up to this – one night where we can manually turn this ship around. To help distract you from your well-placed anxiety, we made you a fun little bingo card. Hopefully it makes you laugh and heck, it isn't that hard to win either. In fact, we made three ways to win!

  • SHARE - Share or retweet our posts about bingo and we’ll pick 4 winners to get a free flag of their choice. See individual posts on facebook and twitter for full details.
  • BINGO! - Tag us (@flagsforgood) in a photo of your winning card and we will message you a 25% off code you can use at checkout!
  • FLIP BLUE AUTO WIN - If one of these special squares flips blue, the code on the space is immediately unlocked to be used at checkout.

Feel free to print this out and use a good ol' fashion black sharpie (like our soon to be former president does), or download the image onto your phone and use the markup feature to draw on it (No idea how that translates into android, but y'all can figure it out).

2020 Election Night Bingo Card Downloads:

🖨 Printable PDF 

📲 JPG to play on your phone

2020 Election Bingo Card

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