Our Future

We are always looking for ways to make our company more "For Good". So here are some things we are working on:

    • 🐢 Recycled Ocean Plastic Fabric - We'd love to find a long-term supplier that has the capability to print on recycled ocean plastic for all of our flags. Contact us if you can help us in this endeavor!
    • 🅱️ Become a B-Corp - We not only want to restructure as a Benefit-LLC to legally state our responsibility to the earth, but we also want to be certified as a B-Corp. We're doing initial assessments and will be working to build our company with this framework as we grow!
    • 🛍 Getting into more stores - Our flags have now appeared in over 450 stores around the world! If you know a store that would love our flags, send them to our wholesale link.

The "Help Us Grow" Fund 🏴‍☠️

As you can see, we have a lot of big plans for the future. I've now added a donation box on the checkout page where you can help us grow directly. By tipping us a percentage of your purchase or by donating a custom amount, you're sending us a clear signal that you believe in our company and want us to keep going. Any amount is an amazing way to spur us forward and I'm sure you'll love what we do with it!