Flag Care

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How Long Will My Flag Last?

Other flag companies suggest replacing any outdoor flag after 6 months of continuous use. Still other places online say polyseter and nylon flags last just 90 days on average...but we're here to beat those statistics.

For outdoor flags, if you follow the steps below, your flag should live a long and flappy life. If you live in lower latitudes (ie. more direct sun, less cloud cover, generally worse politics, etc.) you can expect your flag to last a bit shorter than us up in the north. For indoor use, your Flags For Good flag should last years! (but still be cognizant of sun-bleaching if it's near a window.)

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Getting the creases out:

We get it. You just got your new Flags For Good flag and are ready to rock it! To remove the fold creases we recommend ironing on low to medium heat. To be extra safe, you can put a bedsheet between the iron and the flag and don't let the iron sit in one place for too long. 

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Fading & Sun Care:

Everything you place outside will eventually wear out when exposed to our life-giving ball of plasma. Period. This effect can vary wildly due to tree-cover, time of year, latitude, weather, etc. 

Like with all outdoor items, we recommend using a fabric UV Protection spray to slow the fading of colors, especially if you have a darker colored flag and if your flag is placed in a consistently sunny area.

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Washing & Cleaning:

Most of our flags are made of polyester, so if your flag needs cleaning, we recommend hand washing or machine washing on a gentle cycle in cold water and mild detergent. No need to put your flag in the dryer, instead hang it out on your flagpole or lay flat to dry.

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Weather & Fraying

If you know of inclement weather or abnormally high winds coming, like a pet, take your flag friend inside! Also, make sure your flag isn't able to hit anything (brick, the side of your house, etc.) while it flaps around. Inspect your flag occasionally for any fraying hems, especially at the end of the flag (the fly end), and try to mend them if you can.

All of these can greatly extend the life of your flag!