The "For Good" Part

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Flags For Good supports a relevant world-changing organization for every one of our flags in three big ways.


For online sales directly through each flag's page shows what organization it is supports in the Daily Karma widget. Each flag gives $1 to the organization of your choice, or evenly distributes the dollar across all relevant organizations if you don't choose one.

The above amount is the composite of what we've been able to donate through online sales to all of these amazing organizations over our short history. Below are the orgs we have given to in small or large amounts:

We use Daily Karma to automatically calculate, collect, and distribute our donations to help keep us accountable and compliant.



In 2023, we streamlined our wholesaling in a number of ways. Since we broke it out of our online store, it allowed us to create a new way for us to have a more hands-on approach to when and where we give.

For all wholesale flags, patches and pins, we give $1 to a specific charity. What organization you might ask?

Each month is assigned to one of our employees who gets to chose a charity that needs funds ASAP. This allows us to distribute money to great causes, highlight their work on our site and through our channels, and feel more connected with the good we are trying to do. 

2024 Wholesale Donations

JAN - Donated directly to a family trying to evacuate Gaza via their GoFundMe.

FEB - Protect Our Winters (POW)

MAR - Mercury Stardust & Jory's 3rd Tiktok-a-thon for Point of Pride


MAY - World Central Kitchen & The Palestine Children's Relief Fund





Beyond the direct product donations you just read about, we give to organizations we love and want to support. For instance, we've done in-kind donations to local charities, sports leagues, and more around our HQ in Indianapolis.

See all of our current and past sponorships!

1% for the Planet Member - Flags at the South Pole in Antarctica including the Flags For Good True South Flag
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Our Discreet Compostable Packaging