About Flags For Good

 Hey, I'm Michael.

In early 2020, as the world was going to shit, I decided to channel my anger into action. Flags For Good was born out of that societal rage, quarantine boredom, and my life-long obsession with flags. I’m talking TED talk level flag nerd...

Michael Green holding his redesigned Utah flag at TEDxUSU in Logan, Utah.

Flags For Good was created to:

  • 📢 Raise awareness of causes that move humanity in the right direction
  • 💵 Donate a portion of each sale to said causes
  • 🏴 Put more tools of change in people's hands

Our Promise

Flags For Good supports a relevant world-changing organization for every one of our flags. We may change the receiving organization over time to give money where it is needed most and to spread the love. Visit each flag's page to see what organization it is supporting. While most of our flags give 10%, some give up to 25% and we are working hard to be able to increase our donation amount across the board as we grow.

We also promise to do our best to make our flags, and deliver them to you, in the most Earth-conscious way possible. We use as little plastic as we can in our supply chain, use paper in all of our packaging and ship to you in home-compostable mailing bags. 

    Contact us:

    💻 contact@flagsforgood.com 

    📲 (210) 646-4564‬

    📩 PO Box 33094 Indianapolis, IN 46203

    We recognize that our new home and headquarters in Indianapolis is on the ancestral land of the Miami Nation. Please visit their website and consider supporting them as their federal recognition was taken in 1898 and has yet to be restored.