Are the "Free Pride Flag" ads a scam?

Posted by Michael Green on

You've probably seen those "Free Pride Flag" ads popping up. We've also seen many threads on Reddit asking this question so we figured we'd answer. Here's three things about them you may not know, and three reasons you should give us a try instead.

  1. They are not really free - they just charge a lot for shipping instead.
  2. Usually dropshipped - Most come directly from overseas and may take months to get to you. 
  3. Super thin - They are usually the lowest quality flags out there.

At Flags For Good, we've built a company that you can feel great buying from. 

  1. Only good flags - We only make flags we believe in. Period. So you know that when you buy from us, we support not only you, but your causes.
  2. You choose, we donate - We donate a portion of each flag we sell to a relevant organization. On every flag's page, there's a widget where you can choose which organization your purchase supports!
  3. Keep us employed - When you buy from Flags For Good, you are supporting four awesome humans in Indianapolis who love working here (and paychecks, and healthcare, and food.)

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