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Statistically, if you live in the U.S., your state flag probably sucks. 

Back in 2014, a whole year before Roman Mars' TED talk mind you, I wrote a Medium blog that went a bit viral about how some U.S. State flags are awful designs. At the end, I ambitiously said I would redesign all state flags. Well 6 years later, I now own a flag company and I'm ready to pay up.

If you are from Texas, Arizona, Maryland, or another states with an already kick-ass flag, you might want to fight me right about now. Don't worry, I'm not touching those. We will happily sell them as-is. But for those of you in states with SOB (Seal on a bedsheet) flags like Minnesota, Maine or Louisiana, you are in luck! 

For the Flags For Good donation portion, we are busy selecting an organization or charity that benefits Native Americans since, well, this was their land in the first place.

Have thoughts or ideas about your state's design? Send them to

Want to be notified when your state is available? Make sure you make a customer account with us that has your address on file and you are subscribed to our emails.

What is that beautiful flag in the picture above? Well that is the North Star flag of Minnesota! We've gotten permission from the designers to print and sell it because it's awesome.

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  • Michigan please. There’s so much great stuff on the seal – the supporters, the shield – that could make a good flag if it…tried to look like a flag

    Vas on
  • I would love to see a flag for Missouri. Come on we can do better.

    Scotty on

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