Honduras just changed their flag...back?

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Honduras has changed their flag...kind of. 

The 1949 Flag Decree actually describes the flag of Honduras as a Turquoise color. So why has it always been a darker blue? 

Well the right-wing faction of the country has that darker blue as their color. So they made the national flag reflect that until very recently. On January 27th, the first female president of Honduras, Xiomara Castro, was elected and she is a member of the left-wing Libre party. 

One of the first things she decided is that the flag should go back to its original intended color of Turquoise!

It will take some time for Unicode to update the flag emoji to the new (...or old) color and for flags with the darker blue to be phased out. 

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  • Following more heraldic rules, would you term that as ‘bleu-celeste’ and leave the exact shade up to the renderer?

    Corgi on

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