The Goodest Flag Pole Kit

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I wasn't going to sell flag poles at Flags For Good until I knew it was the "goodest" pole ever made. Take it from me (a giant flag nerd), this is the best home flag pole ever. Here's why:

  • It two ways. The grommet clips spin (like most poles), but our pole has two sections that have their own ball bearings and spin independently from the clips. So finally say goodbye to tangled flags!
  • It's 6 feet long, making it perfect to fly standard 3ft x 5ft house flags (of which we sell many).
  • The pole breaks down into five pieces so it's easy to break down and take to your local protest, tailgate, or anywhere else. 
  • It comes complete with an aluminum bracket to mount your pole at a 90° or 45° angle.

Trust me, if you're looking to replace your flag pole or add some personality to your porch, this is all you need (and a flag of course). 

- Michael (Chief Flag Nerd)

🌏  Created and shipped in the most Earth-conscious way we can.

Customer Reviews

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So Cheery, Bright and Colorful!

Our new 3x5 Progress Pride Flag is proudly waving in the wind from our porch. The flag and pole design are top notch! We smile whenever we see it from inside or outside our house.

G Bradley
Just what I needed!

I put our pride flag up last week and it gives me great joy. We needed something to balance our street as our neighbor had been spinning in circles with only his right wing attitude. Thank you for all you do!

Heather Ellis
The Goodest Flag Pole Set

Strong, solid construction and it WORKS!!! So happy I purchased this from Flags for Good!

Kylon Eckert
No problems with this pole!

LOVE THIS FLAGPOLE! the fact it rotates at two points changes the game. Used it at sports events to rally the crowd and it didn’t tangle!

Cynthia Egan

We love our new flag pole. We especially love that the flag doesn't get all wrapped up on the pole
It is also very sturdy.