Michael Green - Founder & Vexillographer

 Hey, I'm Michael.

I'm a flag nerd. 

I’m talking TED talk level flag nerd... I've been obsessed with flags since I was a kid and am still fascinated by the power of these simple designs and pieces of cloth. 

How'd I end up with a scrappy small business?

Well, in early 2020, as the world was going to shit, I decided to channel my anger into action. My first TED talk was coming out and they asked if I had a call-to-action link (I didn't). Then as I watched the BLM protests start up and only have cardboard signs...something clicked. Flags For Good was born out of societal rage, quarantine boredom, and my passion meeting the moment.

Michael Green holding his redesigned Utah flag at TEDxUSU in Logan, Utah. 

What Michael listens to: