All about Aromantic | The Aro experience and Aro pride flag explained

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Aromantic is a term used to describe people who do not experience romantic attraction or do not desire romantic relationships. While this may seem confusing to some, being aromantic is a valid and natural orientation that is simply a part of who some individuals are.

For aromantic individuals, the absence of romantic attraction can mean that they do not experience crushes, the desire to date, or the desire for romantic gestures like holding hands or cuddling. However, some aromantic individuals may still desire close and intimate relationships, but these relationships are not romantic in nature. They may also have the desire for other significant and committed platonic relationships.

It's important to note that being aromantic is not the same as being asexual. Aromantic individuals may still experience sexual attraction and desire, while asexual individuals do not. But like asexuality, it all exists on a spectrum for each individual. People who identify as both asexual and aromantic use a term "AroAce" and have their own AroAce Pride Flag.

Being "Aro" can make people feel disconnected or ostracized from the parts of society that heavily value romantic relationships. So it's important for aromantic individuals to embrace their identity and recognize that they are not alone. You can find online communities or learn more at, and celebrate Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week February 19th-25th!

The current and most widely used Aromantic flag was created by Tumblr user @cameronwhimsy in 2014. The stripes represent:

  • Dark Green: Aromanticism (opposite of red, a generally romantic color)
  • Light Green: the aromantic spectrum
  • White: Platonic or aesthetic attraction
  • Grey: grey-romantic or demiromantic people
  • Black: the sexuality spectrum

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