F*CK BLACK FRIDAY - What we're doing instead

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Every year we do the opposite of Black Friday. This year is no different.

Usually we give 10% of each flag purchase to a relevant charity for its design.

Well after the mass shooting this past Saturday targeted at LGBTQ+ people at Club Q in Colorado Springs, we knew what we wanted to do. For the next week, we are sending all donations from every one of our products to the Colorado Healing Fund to help support the victims of the Club Q Shooting and the LGBTQ+ community in Colorado.

Colorado Healing Fund Logo

CHF was established to help communities rebuild after mass tragedies such as the tragedy at Club Q and are accepting donations right now that will go to the families of the deceased, the survivors, and the greater impacted community.

* SPECIAL NOTE * We've received messages with requests to not donate to Colorado Healing Fund but to more direct GoFundMe's. We are going to follow the lead of Club Q and donate where they see most fit. We will calculate our sales next Tuesday (Nov 29th) and distribute funds after that so we have some time to find clarity if this is the correct organization to give to. Rest assured that no matter what, 10% of any purchase this week will go to helping the victims, families, and the  LGBTQ+ community in Colorado Springs.


If you are in the Colorado Springs area and want to help wrap the city in rainbows, we’re donating flags to Ladyfingers Letterpress to distribute freely to the community. They are also asking for more rainbow flag donations from around the country. If you have a flag you want to donate to Colorado Springs, send flags to 113 E Bijou St, Colorado Springs, CO 80903 for them to distribute.

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