Transgender Flag Day?

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You might see August 19th as Transgender Flag day. But why?


Well Monica Helms, a trans activist and Navy veteran, designed the Trans Flag on August 19th, 1999 and was first flown in the Phoenix pride parade the following year.

Transgender Pride Flag on a Fence

The baby blue stripes are the traditional colors of a baby boy. Similarly, the pink is the traditional colors for a baby girl. The white in the middle symbolizes those who are transitioning between the two genders and those who don't identify with either. 

The original Transgender flag Monica Helms created was accepted into the Smithsonian on August 19th, 2014.

Trans Flag displayed in the Smithsonian Museum

So by pure power of the transitive property (pun intended), August 19th is the day we honor the Trans flag and what it has done for the celebration and recognition of the Trans community! 

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