Flags For Good X PUP Collab

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Since Flags For Good started, we never quite knew what to do with pride flags that ended up with small defects. Once we saw what People For Urban Progress could do with leftover fabric, it was an obvious partnership. What PUP created with our flags is beyond anything I could have imagined.

Like most of the products created by PUP, this collaboration will also have pieces of discarded roof material from the old RCA/Hoosier Dome which predated Lucas Oil Stadium. This rigid fabric combined with high-quality LGBTQ+ Pride Flags create durable accessories anyone can be proud of. Each handmade product is unique, using different parts of the flag, so no two are alike.

โ€œWe are so excited to partner with another Indy-based business that uses its platform to move its community forward. This collection highlights the creative and progressive work coming out of Indianapolis. โ€ said PUP Resource Manager, Jason Chisham.

This limited edition collab between two Indianapolis based small businesses drops May 1 at 12:00pm Eastern.ย 

You can now preview the entire collection and bookmark the page.

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