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2024 Bag Drop

Yes and no. If you buy a bag that is made specifically from a certain pride flag, you will get a bag made from that flag. However each bag is made by hand so some bags will use different parts of the flag and may appear different from the picture.

These bags are one-of-a-kind, and we want to ensure they don't get lost. Therefore all bags will be shipped via UPS, which will cost more than our regular shipping rates.

This year we have all bags in-hand so we'll start shipping them out May 2nd.

People for Urban Progress is a fellow Indy-based company that upcycles material into high fashion bags.

We make these bags out of misprints and damaged stock. So if you don't see a bag made from your pride flag, that means we just didn't have enough material! Maybe next year!

New for 2024

Not just rainbows...

For this year's drop, you're able to select specific pride flags like Lesbian, Demisexual, Pansexual, along with a wide selection of Rainbow and Progress Pride Flags!

Since we started, we never knew what to do with LGBTQ pride flags with small defects. So we called up our friends at People For Urban Progress, another Indianapolis small business who upcycles fabric into incredible fashion bags. This collection is made from upcycled progress pride flags and repurposed into tote bags, duffel bags, purses, wallets, fanny packs, weekender bags, and more. So if you are looking to get a LGBTQ Rainbow bag, now you can feel extra good about your purchase.