Lincoln Nebraksa Reveals Winning Flag Redesign

Lincoln Nebraksa Reveals Winning Flag Redesign

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Lincoln, Nebraska held a contest to redesign their city flag in late 2021. We covered the four finalists on our instagram with a little voting of our own. 

Lincoln Nebraska's Top 4 Flag Redesign Candidates

Our instagram audience picked the "Owl of Aspiration" design, but the Art Deco Capitol design was a close second. The Owl is very well designed and would look great as an avatar, on a mug, etc.; all things to take into consideration beyond just a flag design. 

Well the pick is in. The winning design is the Art Deco Capitol (with some needed modifications)!

Lincoln, Nebraska's New Flag Flying on a Flag Pole

The original design had some intricacies that were't leading it toward success as a flag. It had strokes around the rays and some of the interior elements that made for too much complication. By simply removing those, as well as making the top and bottom more contrasting colors, this design really made it over the finish line for me.

Changes to the original Lincoln Flag Redesign

Now this Art Deco Capitol can be used as a fantastic avatar, be put on merchandise, and overall serve as a wonderful base for a cohesive city branding system.

Public flag design contests can be a grueling process with...less than stellar results. With how many compromises government leaders have to make and appeasements to stakeholders, it's rare that a redesign contest comes out with a truly great design. We are excited to offer this flag and I look forward to seeing how this is adopted and implemented around Lincoln!


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