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We believe that a flag is a powerful symbol of identity, and flying your chosen flag says a lot about you. Everyone deserves fly their flag openly, but we at Flags for Good understand some of you live in places where that can be…tricky. Safety matters on the way from our home-office to your front door. That is why we ship every flag we offer in discreet, compostable packaging.

Discreet Packaging - So YOU choose when to show your identity

Discreet packaging is especially important for members of the LGBTQIA+ family who want to show that symbol of support and belonging, but are still closeted for one or more reasons. Whether you hang your Pride flag boldly on the wall or keep it tucked in your bottom drawer, you deserve safety, respect, and that important sense of community.

Our discreet packaging labeled only with "Flags For Good” in the return address and no other identifying information or graphics.* You do not have to reveal your flag until you are ready. We’re just excited that you let us be a small part of your amazing identity.

Shipping and packaging are a big part of the climate crisis

It would be pretty disingenuous to ship a "Climate Change Is Real" flag in a package that will only end up in the garbage can, a landfill, or floating around in the ocean. We source our home-compostable shipping bags from the Better Packaging Co. and Wastebased, two companies that care about eco-friendly materials and minimizing damage to the planet as much as we do.

What does that mean? You get your chosen flags in as little packaging as possible that is  plastic-free and home-compostable. Dig it into your garden to feed a rainbow of flowers or add it to the mulch at a community garden that brings fresh, organic produce to the neighborhood.

Flying your chosen flag says a lot about you. We at Flags For Good believe that they are powerful tools to raise awareness, support nonprofit organizations for change, and show support and camaraderie for like-minded people. It takes active choices to make a real difference in this world. That is what we strive to do with our choice of discreet and eco-friendly. Packaging People are in all different situations, and we understand that safety matters, but we can all do something to make the world a better place.


*For international orders, some shippers require us to declare a packages contents for customs officials. 

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