Screw Black Friday

Screw Black Friday

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As you know, we do things differently at Flags For Good.

Last year, instead of giving discounts to further encourage mass consumerism, we instead channeled a weeks worth of our standard donation-per-flag to one source; electing Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock to the senate and flipping Georgia blue. And we all know how that turned out...

Since that was an epic win, we decided to do something similar in this "off-year". Vote Save America has created a fund called the "No Off Years Fund" which funnels money into key purple states and registers new voters NOW, not just in the nick of time when we need them. 

2022 will be a big fight to keep the house and senate blue and extend our chances of making big changes to this nation. Activating and registering new voters in these places is the way you can make lasting changes starting today. 

Get to the point, Michael...

SO, starting on Small Business Saturday (November 27th) and ending on Giving Tuesday (November 30th), we will be giving $1 per flag sold to the "No Off Years Fund" ON TOP of our standard donations. 

We believe flags are tools of change. That is why we only make flags we believe in. Buying a flag from us means even more because it benefits amazing charities hand chosen for that flag. Now for the next few days, it means EVEN MORE because you'll be contributing to the future of our nation. 

Thanks for being awesome,

Michael & Cassie

Black Friday 21

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