Meet The Team in Indy

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Vexillologist and Flag Designer Michael Green speaking on stage at a TEDx event

(He / Him)

Founder & Vexillographer - Designs flags and makes tiktoks and TED talks.

More about Michael

(They / Them)

Wholesale Ambassador - Resident goofball.


(She / They)

Office Manager - Tries to keep everyone sane, limit the number of shrek memes, and keep this ship afloat.


(They / Them)

Fufillment Specialist - Gets our flags to your house with speed and precision.

Platrick Swamp

(He / Him)

Swagmaster - Seat filler. Office cool guy.

Non-Sentients (that we know...)

Dolly Parton

Foldable Dolly

(They / Them)

A foldable cart named Disco Jeff filled with boxes and a Flags For Good logo flag on the corner.
Disco Jeff

Foldable Cart

(He / Him)

Label Whale

Label Printer

(They / Them)

Pull Mc-Cart-ney

Big Ol' Hauler

(He / Him)

Cart-y B

Holds Accessories

(She / Her)