Czexillology w/ Kryštof Huk

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What's up, CzexHeads?! This week, Andy sits down with Flag Czexpert and Czechretary of the Czech Vexillological Society (CVS), Kryštof Huk! He takes us through what it takes to get a flag adopted in Czechia, what role he plays in that, and how heraldry and vexillology are inextricably tied together there. Kryštof has designed over 40 of those adopted flags, and he gives us a few pointers not just on design, but on dealing with the bureaucracy you're gonna find almost anywhere. DO NOT miss the show notes, it's mandatory homework this week!

Here they are again, just in case!

(sorry for all the puns: I only promised not to do them on air, so they had to go somewhere, idk what you were Czexpecting)

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