La Vex' Est Belle w/ Nasha Gagnebin

Posted by Andrew Richardson on

Quoi de neuf, VexHeads ? Cette semaine, Andy sits down with Deputy Secretary General of the Société française de vexillologie (SFV), Nasha Gagnebin. We go over a TON of stuff, from Nasha's booklet "Why Give Your City a Flag?" to the Vexi-Cup tournaments he's led, to the eccentricities of the Swiss. Broad gamut here. As always, CHECK OUT THE SHOW NOTES and the links below to get the full Flagged for Content Experience.

What the Vex' on Twitter
Nasha's Twitter
SFV Twitter
SFV Instagram
Nasha's Instagram
Nasha's Google Maps view of French City Flags
Flags in 50 video on the European Flag


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