You Never Forget Your First Light w/ Eric Hart

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Syracuse is the latest US city to get a flag makeover, and we know just the guy to talk to about it! I sat down with its designer Eric Hart to get the rundown of the First Light Flag in his own words. We chat about the history of the city of Syracuse itself, how they handled their redesign, go over some copyright questions, and talk more than a little about Japan, Eric's home away from home.

***Apologies for my audio, I did my best to save what I could, but I know it sounds tinny. New equipment jitters.***

Eric can be found at or at @yeahitssimple on Instagram

First Light Flag things are at @firstlightflag_syr on IG, and at

Show notes RIGHT HERE!

-Flags & Media-

First Light Flag of Syracuse, New York


Pride version of the First Light Flag


Former flag of Syracuse, New York


Pan-African version of the First Light Flag


Flag of the Haudenosaunee people


First Light Flag in the style of Super Mario Brothers

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