One-Year Anniversary: "The Whole Show is About Flags"

Posted by Andrew Richardson on

Welp, we did it, VexHeads. This silly little flag show of ours is turning 1! It's been a hell of a year and honestly, we're just getting started. There are great things running up the Year 2 flagpole, but we'll get there when we get there. For this week, I sat down with Superguests Michael Green, Nick Page, and Tara Stark to do a good roundtable discussion on some flags I've neglected to talk about. Buuuuut things get derailed almost immediately by someone crashing our recording feed, so we try to roll with it. Please rate & review anywhere you can. Thanks, VexHeads 🔥🎙️

Special shout-outs to Flags for Good, the Keystone Flag, and Nick Page(!) not just for being guests on this episode, but for the strong and continued support of this show. Couldn't have done it without any one of you.

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