non-binary flag
non-binary pride flag
non-binary pride flag
non-binary flag
non-binary flag
non-binary flag
non-binary pride flag
non-binary pride flag
non-binary flag
non-binary flag

Nonbinary Pride Flag

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🏴  3' x 5' Nonbinary Pride flag with grommets and double stitched edges to reduce fraying.

✍️ The Design: Originally designed in 2014 by Kye Rowan, the nonbinary flag consists of four horizontal stripes:

  • Yellow - representing people whose gender exists outside of the binary
  • White - representing people with many or all genders
  • Purple - representing people with genders considered a mix of male and female
  • Black - representing people who identify as not having a gender


Our flags are durable 200D polyester (most flags you'll find on the internet are cheap ~75D). In our testing, we selected 200D as the perfect flag material; anything heavier doesn't fly well and the "back" doesn't get enough ink, anything lighter feels cheap and wont last very long.

We print this flag as a one-sided print and make sure that the back has ample (around 90%) bleed-through.

Each flag is folded by hand on our dining room table and ready to be used on a flag pole, boat, hung on a wall, or to proudly march with.

Created in the most Earth-conscious way we can. We use home-compostable and discreet shipping bags.

All deliveries are carbon neutral
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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Tiger Duvic
A high quality, wonderfully ​made flag

I'm so happy that I have my flag, it makes me feel more seen and valid. The quality is great and I am definitely going to suggest this for any of my friends that want a flag.

Just What I Wanted!

Flag was true to size, the colours were bright, and now it's hanging on my wall :) I do recommend ironing it, as it's somewhat wrinkly on arrival

Centauri Saccucci
Loved it!!!

The flag was great quality and the colors were very vibrant!

high quality

i love it sm

Madolyn Mayo

Non-binary Pride Flag