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✍️ The Design: The pink triangle has a long history for representing the LGBTQIA+ Community. It is was most notably used by the Nazi's to mark gay individuals in concentration camps. Gay prisoners were given some of the worst tasks and were persecuted even by other prisoners. 

In the 1980s, the pink triangle was increasingly used not just as a memorial but as a positive symbol of both self and community identity. In a work of redemption, it commonly represented both gay and lesbian identity, and was incorporated into the logos of such organizations and businesses.

We've placed the pink triangle on a black field to be used as a symbol of redemption, of remembrance, and of pride.

🏴  3' x 5' flag with grommets and double stitched edges to reduce fraying. We tested many different materials and settled on 200D polyester as the perfect flag material; light enough to fly in a breeze but strong enough to last for years.

🏳️  Each flag is folded by hand on our dining room table and ready to be used on a flag pole, boat, hung on a wall, or to proudly march with.

🌏  Created and shipped in the most Earth-conscious way we can.

🤝  The Flags For Good Promise: A portion of your purchase will go directly to Equality Texas. This cause is near and dear to our hearts here at Flags For Good as they work to secure full equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer Texans through political action, education, community organizing, and collaboration.

Customer Reviews

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I am so thrilled to be able to wave this design, the black background is sure to catch eyes amongst the sea of rainbows. Pride is for celebration but also remembrance, but to also remind others that the fight isn’t yet over for everyone around the world. We still have work to be done. And to debut this flag in Toronto in 2021 is going to be amazing! The build is well assembled and not too light, it’s actually quite heavy. I suspect this will hold up for a long time

Pink Triangle of Gay Liberation and Resistance

This an awesome flag, adopted by Gay Liberation activists in the 1970s as a symbol of resistance. I’m hoping that the flag will get its first outing in next years Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras.