Minnesota Gets a New Flag - How to Buy & Fly

Minnesota Gets a New Flag - How to Buy & Fly

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Minnesota's Flag Redesign Commission, with all it's drama, came up with a banger of a new flag for the Land of 10,000 Lakes! 

New Minnesota State Flag

Derived from the submission by Andrew Prekker, the new flag features an abstract state of Minnesota shape in dark blue on the hoist edge on a light blue field. On the center of the dark blue Minnesota is what they call the rotunda star since it is the exact eight pointed star found in the capitol rotunda. 

We at Flags For Good have been following the process closely from the beginning and love the resulting design! Obviously, we were rooting for the long-time favorite alternative Minnesota Flag, the North Star Flag since we started making flags in 2020. But this new flag is a great symbol for Minnesota and we can't wait to make them for you!

We've opened preorders to buy the new flag of Minnesota in a standard house flag size, garden flags, as well as a LGBTQ Pride variant (as we do with almost all of our other state flags). You can view all of our Minnesota Flags in the Minnesota Collection or scroll down to see what flags we offer!

Buy a New Minnesota State Flag

Buy New Minnesota State Flag - Preorder

Buy New Minnesota Garden Flag

Buy New Minnesota Garden Flag - Preorder

Buy New Minnesota LGBTQ Pride Flag

Buy New Minnesota LGBTQ Pride Flag - Preorder


During this process, some absolute legends of flag design came out of the woodwork and we were too sad to see them lost to the sands of time. So for a liimited time, we are making some of the rejected designs available:

Buy Laser Loon Flag - Preorder

Buy Menacing Loon Flag - Preorder

Buy Starflake Flag - Preorder



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