LGBTQ+ Pride Flag Party Mix Bundle

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Want 'em all? Well you got it! This bundle of assorted LGBTQ+ Pride Flags is ready for any parade, desk display, or whatever else you can think of. Each polyester hand flag is slid onto a wooden stick (no plastic waste).

The smaller 5.5in by 8in bundle includes 16 flags on a 1ft wooden dowel:

The larger 12in by 18in bundle includes 20 flags with a thick 21 inch wooden dowel:

The flags do not have glue securing them to the stick so if you want to use just the flag, you can easily slide them off!

🌏  Created and shipped in the most Earth-conscious way we can.

Customer Reviews

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Sarah Higley
Beautiful bouquet

I arranged my new flags in a vase for our table centerpiece. It was a simple way to remind my child, and everyone else, that I see them and they matter. Love your company and excited I saw some of your products available locally. Keep doing your great work!

Jean Shu
Vibrant and Great Conversation Starters

Solid quality and super vibrant colors! I love that I can put these all over my house to celebrate pride month in every room. Several of these are in the background of my zoom calls and they sparked some great conversations!

Just okay

I bought the large flags. The box showed up damaged and partially open, but everything inside was unharmed.

The problem comes from the colors. They are only printed on one side, and they don't show up very well on the side with no printing. Each flag has one side that looks significantly paler/less vibrant than the other. Even the agender flag is practically pastel. You get a large variety, but the quality is meh.

I wanted these flags to wave at pride, but they'll only look good from one side, and I imagine it will only get worse with time as the colors fade. I wish the photos showed what the flags looked like on both sides, because I had assumed that each side would match the photos provided (equally vibrant). My expectations were not met, unfortunately.